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No matter you are just starting off with a small or medium scale business software, or looking for enterprise software development, Hostings House can deliver you customized software utilizing innovative technologies depending on your business needs. From healthcare, information technology to Ecommerce, retail and banking, team HH has worked closely with variety of industries and clients with global presence. With programming and software development landscape changes to fit the latest technological needs, Hostings House being a premier software development company constantly evaluates and adopts latest trends of software development industry. Highly resourceful team with cross-industrial experience of delivering customized software solution enable HH to solve complex programming issues and build software from the scratch. Fill in the simple quote form, leave us details of software requirements, and let’s start developing a suitable software solution for your business.

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Running a business can be challenging, so to help we offer a FREE website builder§ with <br> FREE stock images and FREE email with every domain name.


Years of experience with Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and other open source technologies have made our team to cut cost, time and manage all kind of complexities involved in open source software development projects. Be its complete project or just a module, HH can help.


Over a past decade, team HH has partnered with leading product and service providers to deliver custom software solution. Our software development and quality assurance services are all set for tailor made software development, solve crucial issues and enhance product quality.


We completely understand how web application and custom software are different and way more challenging than a simple website. To make the software apps work seamlessly, we utilize range of scripting languages, frameworks, development models and database technologies.


We have worked on both the cloud as well as the SaaS models of software development and delivery. In our hyperactive digital echosystem, we know exactly, what it takes to develop software that deploys on cloud, or distributes on end-user license basis or billed on recurring basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions relating to the products and services listed on this page.
Well the correct phrase can be, some of our hosting packages do offer free domain registration as a feature, but registration of a domain name separately doesn’t include a hosting package. You can browse through our hosting packages to see which ones provide you this facility to register a free domain.
Yes! You can do it quite easily. You can either follow a simple process of domain transfer, or you can also submit us a support ticket by providing us the required information like domain name, authorization code and making its status unlocked for transfer. If your domain is locked the transfer to Hostings House can’t be processed even if you have provided all required information. Make sure the domain is unlocked while you put a request for the transfer to HH.
Well there isn’t much difference; however it is reality that being the most largely used TLD, .com is always a preferred choice for domain registration. However, other TLDs like .net, .biz etc. work perfectly as well. HH keeps on adding new TLDs for providing wide range of possibilities to create an exact match domain with an alternative TLD if one doesn’t find it in .com. Local TLDs like or business/industry specific TLDs .fashion etc.
When the DNS changes have been made, it would take time for proper propagation. The time it takes for the changes to make an effect may vary, and can usually take 24 to 48 hours for proper propagation. 24 hours is however the least time one needs to wait for a cache to be fully cleaned and refreshed.